give [giv]
gave, given, giving [ME given (with g- < ON gefa, to give), yeven < OE giefan, akin to Ger geben < IE base * ghabh-, to grasp, take > L habere, to have: the special Gmc sense of this base results from its use as a substitute for IE * dō- (as in L dare, to give)]
1. to turn over the possession or control of to someone without cost or exchange; make a gift of
2. to hand or pass over into the trust or keeping of someone [to give the porter a bag to carry, to give a daughter in marriage]
3. to hand or pass over in exchange for something else; sell (goods, services, etc.) for a price or pay (a price) for goods, services, etc.
4. to relay; pass along [to give regards to someone]
5. to produce in a person or thing; cause to have; impart [to give pleasure, to give someone a cold]
6. to confer or assign (a title, position, name, etc.)
7. to act as host or sponsor of (a party, dance, etc.)
8. to put in communication with, as by telephone
9. to be the source, origin, or cause of; produce; supply [cows give milk]
a) to part with for some cause; sacrifice [to give one's life for a cause]
b) to devote to some occupation, pursuit, etc. [to give one's life to art]
11. to concede; yield [to give a point in an argument]
12. to offer or yield (oneself) to a man for sexual intercourse
13. to show; exhibit [to give every indication of being a fool]
14. to put forward for acceptance or rejection; offer; proffer [to give a suggestion]
a) to perform [to give a concert]
b) to introduce or present (a speaker, the subject of a toast, etc.)
16. to make (a gesture, movement, etc.) [to give a leap]
17. to perform (a physical act) [to give someone a hug, kiss, etc.]
18. to administer or dispense (medicine, etc.)
19. to utter, emit, or produce (words, sounds, etc.); put in words; state [to give a reply]
20. to inflict or impose (punishment, sentence, etc.)
1. to make gifts or donations; contribute
2. to bend, sink, move, break down, yield, etc. from force or pressure
3. to be springy; be resilient
4. to provide a view of, or a way of getting to, someplace; open: usually with on, upon, or onto [the window gives on the park]
5. Informal to occur; happen: chiefly in the phrase what gives?
6. Slang to abandon a claim, fight, etc.; give in or give up
1. a bending, moving, sinking, etc. under pressure
2. a tendency to be springy; resilience
give and take
to exchange on an even basis
give away
1. to make a gift of; donate; bestow
2. in a marriage ceremony, to present (the bride) ritually to the bridegroom
3. Informal to reveal, expose, or betray
give back
to return or restore
give forth
to send forth; emit; issue
give in
1. to hand in
2. to abandon a claim, fight, or argument; surrender; yield
give it to
Informal to punish; beat or scold
give off
to send forth or out; emit
give or take
plus or minus [a price of $1.00, give or take a few cents]
give out
1. to send forth or out; emit
2. to cause to be known; make public
3. to distribute
4. to become worn out or used up; fail to last
give over
1. to hand over
2. to stop; cease
3. to set apart for some purpose
give to understand or give to believe
to cause to understand (or believe, etc.)
give up
1. to hand over; turn over; surrender
2. to stop; cease
3. to admit failure and stop trying
4. to lose hope for; despair of
5. to sacrifice; devote wholly
SYN.- GIVE is the general word meaning to transfer from one's own possession to that of another; GRANT implies that there has been a request or an expressed desire for the thing given [to grant a favor ]; PRESENT implies a certain formality in the giving and often connotes considerable value in the gift [he presented the school with a library ]; DONATE is used especially of a giving to some philanthropic or religious cause; BESTOW stresses that the thing is given gratuitously and often implies condescension in the giver [to bestow charity upon the poor ]; CONFER implies that the giver is a superior and that the thing given is an honor, privilege, etc. [to confer a title, a college degree, etc. ]

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